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At the age of 17 I was aware of many dark spots mysteriously appearing in my torso and back. I immediately thought it was due to birth control pills. I was so self-conscious of the problem and really depressed for a long time I thought that I would have to carry with it for my whole life. After 2 long years of not taking action the spots increased in number and size, so I decided that I was reaching my limit and I was determined to fight back. I browse the Internet looking for solutions and I came across Meladerm on an online forum about hyper-pigmentation. I really missed the days when I could wear a two piece bathing suit and not feel self-conscious or embarrassed so I was willing to try anything and I bought two bottles of Meladerm. I must say that I did not notice much improvement during the first two months that I used up the two bottles, but I decided to be patient and continue to use the cream for some more time. I purchased another two bottles and after the two months during which I used them, I noticed an INCREDIBLE improvement in the condition of my skin problem and its overall appearance. The marks were getting lighter and some of the smaller ones had fainted away! I was fascinated and I quickly recommended the cream to my mother who is a middle aged woman with a melasma condition . My mother used the cream a couple of times but she did not have my patience and ended up giving me the cream she had purchased. I wish she had continued to use it as many of the people who have seen improvement in their skin conditions with Meladerm will tell you, IT TAKES TIME FOR YOU TO SEE RESULTS!!! I have been using Meladerm for about a year now (started using it in December 2012 and it is now October 2013) so I will let my pictures speak for themselves. The money I have spent buying Meladerm over the past 8 months was one of the greatest investments I have done in my whole life! Now, I am able to wear a two piece swim suit without having that self-conscious feeling about my spots… and even though some of the darker ones have not yet completely disappeared (they will eventually), when I went to the beach in the Bahamas this summer no one there even noticed them!! I ‘d like to give a word of advice to those who are using or considering buying Meladerm: BE PATIENT! it will be worth it!



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                                          Ema before Ema after




~Ema K.


I used to tanned my skin 4-5 times a week by the time I was in high school and college. Now, I am very aware of the damages that sunlight can do to a person’s skin so I quit tanning. Unfortunately, I had tanned my skin for a long time so it was a lot darker than I wanted it to be. I heard about Meladerm lotion so I started using it and the dark pigment of my skin has dramatically become whiter over the past few months! I will continue using Meladerm until the sun’s damage is gone! Thank you.

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I am not the kind of person that write reviews, but I really needed to spread the word after trying this product because I am sure there are many of you out there just like me. I lived for about 10 years in the sunshine with constant exposure to my face and most of my body. Also, I took birth control pills for over 12 years. Once I had to swap to a different pill, I developed a severe melasma on my cheeks, nose, forehead and upper lip. I quit taking the pill and I did not go into the sun for some time but the melasma did not fade even over a period of 2 years. I had some deep chemical peels done by a dermatologist which took off some of the discoloration but the melasma was still evident and not even makeup could cover it up. I looked for an alternative treatment and tried many of the creams in the online market. I wasn’t overexcited about Meladerm but thank God I tried it! After a few weeks the difference was noticeable and now I could cover my melasma with makeup. After 2 months, the melasma is barely noticeable and I am ECSTATIC!!!!. I will continue to use Meladerm until I see full results. This cream is light, has a nice smell to it and does not irritate my skin. I urge anyone out there sick of their melasma to give Meladerm a try. It really works!

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Claire before and after







~Claire C.


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