Pros And Cons Of Meladerm

Meladerm packagePros:

Quick and Permanent Results

Meladerm skin lightening cream is an organic cream that gives you prompt and natural results. Meladerm aims at reducing dark spots and scars leaving you with obvious and significant results after just 2-5 weeks of usage. Furthermore, this organic skin cream can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines and helps you achieve clear skin and flawless complexion after a few months. As for evidence, this scar lightening cream has being tested by an independent company and excellent results were seen. 80 volunteer women, after 1 month, showed much better results from Meladerm skin lightening cream than other hyper-pigmented treatments. Moreover, skin bleaching cream is recommended by a member of the California Board of Certified Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Semira Bayati MD. FACS.

Cheap compared to many other methods

With hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, Meladerm is definitely a mainstream and a popular product today. It costs much less than the expensive laser treatments and surgery which dermatologists have been using to correct hyper pigmentation for many years. Lasers and surgeries costs thousands of dollars, something that many families cannot afford. Surprisingly, it may not even have nearly as good results as Meladerm organic skin cream and they pose risks. You will not know what may go wrong during a surgery. In addition, many use full-coverage foundations or bb creams to cover up these uneven skin tones. However, nice foundations that give you a natural look can be expensive. Their biggest disadvantage is that they do not help to treat the skin at all. These creams conceal your blemishes and block your pores and this may cause your skin to become even more severely damaged. As a result, why not try something that is cheaper and helps your skin: Meladerm bleaching cream for skin. This cream is very cheap compared to lasers and surgeries and actually treats and helps fix the skin. Meladerm price is $49.99 and can be used about 7 weeks. A little goes a long way! This calculates to about $1 each day, making it very manageable, budget wise for many families. This price is very difficult to be found on other effective and organic skin products.

Treats skin with organic ingredients

Furthermore, this bleaching cream for skin provides excellent and prompt results, and it treats your skin in a healthy and safe manner. This organic scar lightening cream is a steroid-free, hydroquinone-free, paraben-free, carcinogen-free topical cream; it’s free of any toxic ingredients. It consists of various natural and beneficial ingredients including mulberry extracts, natural plants skin lightening products, Gigawhite, licorice and large amounts of Vitamin A and E. All of those products can be found naturally and do not harm the skin in any way. Moreover, this scar lightening cream consists of exfoliating ingredients which can help remove dirt from your face, open up pores and giving you a fresher skin look. This cream is also uniquely formulated in a way that preserves the highest concentration of these vital ingredients to the skin with the minimum amount of irritation. All of these active ingredients are combined with other special base ingredients that moisturize and protect the skin, captivating a lot of users worldwide and increasing its reputation as a top rated organic skin lightener.

Little Chance of Allergic Reactions

Civant Skin Care also states that there is only a minor chance of anyone experiencing an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in Meladerm skin lightening cream because of their usage of natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin.


Also, it can be used by all and works on men and women of different ages, ethnic groups and skin types, normal, oily or dry. This skin bleaching cream can be bought without a doctor’s prescription and is not sticky and has a nice smell to it. Moreover, this scar lightning cream gives you quick and permanent results. Even better, it does so by using very effective and safe ingredients.


With all the great benefits and advantages of this skin bleaching cream, there are still a few cons, but not a lot. First of all, it takes quite a longer period of time to fade darker marks and severe blemishes. In addition, you may have increased sensitivity to the sun after using this product. As a result, it is crucial that you wear sunscreen under this product. That can become a hassle of always needing to put on another cream. Moreover, after the usage of this product for the first week, extreme dryness may be experienced and result in some skin cracking. Dry skin can lead to other skin problems during that period of time. However, that side effect will not be permanent and your skin will be revived. Lastly, Meladerm skin lightening cream can only be bought online which sometimes can be inconvenient as you cannot view the product beforehand.



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